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Experiment42 was founded in 2023 on the hypothesis that independent authors can advocate for their own visibility by taking complete ownership over their own work.


The experiment predicts that authors can hold proprietorship of their writing and still produce high quality projects. A favorable experiment results in ex42 assisting authors in bringing their publication dreams to fruition without compromising shares of their work.

you need a prescription.

When I set out to publish my sophomore novel independently, I wanted to give myself a commercial-quality experience. I needed an expert. Yet, everyone I connected with was trying to sell me their “all-inclusive publishing package” with little to no credibility or customization.

I decided that I needed a well-researched, prescriptive plan for my novel, a custom strategy to build the next step in my career.

So, I spent three years studying & networking in the book industry.

I thought to myself:

"every indie author should have the tools to do this."


#1 Amazon Bestseller

#1 Amazon Bestseller in my category and #1 Amazon New Release for several weeks

Consistent Author Income

Consistent author paychecks & reinvestment strategies

Awards & Recognition

NextGen Indie Best Book Design of The Year, A Finalist for Best Mystery of The Year, & a Kirkus Critical Recommendation 


Ad campaigns with major  outlets like Axios and Goodreads along with several unpaid magazine features


Stop wasting years of your life querying. Stop spending thousands of your dollars on cookie-cutter packages. It's time to put the independent back into independent publishing.


Custom Strategic Roadmap

  • Two 60-minute consultations to clarify your project:

    • Goals

    • Budget

    • Target Market

    • Success Metrics


  • 10-20 PDF pages of custom step-by-step strategies for your book at each step of the publishing process based on your unique project criteria


Custom EXECUTIVE Roadmap

  • Everything in the $550 package +

  • Professional developmental read of your entire manuscript with conclusive feedback


  • A network of highly prestigious industry connections referred at each stage of the roadmap


Hourly Project COnsulting

By-the-hour consultations to discuss specifics in your current project.


My expertise lies in:

  • Story Development

  • Plot Outlines & Turn Points

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Publication Strategy

  • Amazon Ads

  • Metadata and Keywords

  • Securing Indie Publicity

  • Building Email Lists

  • Budget Allocation


Other services


$500-$750 USD

5-10 Business Days

A few notes about the service:
 •This service includes the sampling of your first five pages in different typeset styles before you commit to one.
 • Files are delivered in the following formats: PDF, Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, Google, and a generic eBook.
 • Trim size is available in the following measurements (inches): [5x8], [5.25x8], [5.5 x 8.5] and [6.9]. For extra large print or mass market paperback, [6.14 x 9.21] and [4.72 x 7.48] are also available.
 • Accessible images and text-to-speech capability included for eBook files

Voted Best Overall Book Design Of 2024 by Indie Book Awards

Check out the NextGen2024 Indie Book Awards where 'You've Been Summoned,' was named Best Book Design Of The Year & A Finalist for Best Mystery of the Year.

Q: How do I know I'll like the service before I commit to buying? A: I offer free consultations before every service, explaining the project and deliverables you can expect in detail. All my by-the-hour consulting and ghostwriting services are at will and can be ended anytime. I will never corner you into a multi-thousand-dollar package. For book design & custom projects, I offer an 80% refund if you are unsatisfied with your final product. Rest assured, while it's never happened, your satisfaction is my top priority! Q: I'd like to request you for a service not noted on your page. Can I do that? A: Yes! Please fill out the contact form below. Q: Do you work with all genres and books? A: Almost! I don't work with erotica or anything heavily demonic.

Custom Projects

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